Fuorisalone Sarpi Bridge - Welcome

We are never stuck because design moves us and moves the world!
We are a bridge between EAST and WEST, a good support both for Asian design companies and our economic development.
We are SARPI BRIDGE_ORIENTAL DESIGN WEEK, oriental fuorisalone of Milan Design Week, unique oriental design week in Milan, in Italy and in Europe!
We are also a big project that includes other projects:
- ASIA DESIGN MILANO in Tortona District during MILAN DESIGN WEEK, an exhibition project in partnership with MILANO SPACE MAKERS, a pavilion dedicated to the design and culture of ASIA where projects and cultural and commercial opportunities count for much more than big names
- HOMI ASIA DESIGN in partnership with HOMI Fiera Milano "(www.homimilano.com), cultural and commercial area of asian design in one of the most important international fairs of trends and lifestyle
- OO!ASIA ART + DESIGN + FOOD PRODUCTS selected by Slow Food Great China, a window on ASIA that promotes collaboration between East and West, the birth of new projects and brands, exposure and sales of asian art, design and food
-EDEN_Earth Design Excellence Notions a certified design master for young asian designers/students. In a charming historic residence in southern Italy, near Matera, European Capital of Culture 2019, the participants can enhance their knowledge in one week through the contact with another land and its history, acquiring notions thanks to architecture connected to earth, the craftsmanship connected to design. Concepts that open the mind and help to design.







Oriental Design Week was born in Milan thanks to the interest and curiosity that the people feel more and more for the design and art offering by East.

This FuoriSalone is a novelty for its content, oriental and "to the east", and for its format, more democratic because it gives opportunity at whom has not it.

It aims to create a bridge between East and West, between City and City, between fuorisalone and fuorisalone proposing design, research, experimentation, innovation and creativity.

It not only lasts 6 days of Milan Design Week but lasts throughout the year in order to create cultural and economic opportunities.

The district that gave birth to the event, to "the bridge", is Sarpi, a historic district of Milan of great charm but Oriental Design Week is dynamic, always in moving looking for new places to create other bridges.

A careful organization, a good selection of exhibitors, based on criteria of creative quality, innovative and content makes Sarpi Bridge - Oriental Design Week and its ASIA DESIGN MILANO one of the most interesting exhibition of design, for its special identity, diversity and internationality. Please look at the official website of ASIA DESIGN MILANO



Fuorisalone Sarpi Bridge is an association founded by the collective cultural Tomato Catch Up di Torino with Studio Akka of Milan.

They are promoter and organizer of many exhibitions / projects of design and contemporary art. Their mission is to stimulate cultural and economic development, to give opportunities to those who do not have it.




To take part in ASIA DESIGN MILANO, event of SARPI BRIDGE_ORIENTAL DESIGN WEEK during Milan Design Week 2019 you have to apply sending an email to apply@orientaldesignweek.it containing:

  • Detailed description of the project/products that you would like to exhibit and at least 3 photos (.jpg in 300dpi) that show it;
  • Your CV/Portfolio
  • Requirements of space (mq, budget, individual o collective space, characteristics ) 
  • Any other information needed to satisfy your application.

Our team will confirm receipt of your email within one week and your participation within 2 weeks from the confirmation of receipt of the application email.